Scholarships and Funding

Each year, thanks to our gracious donors, we are able to give out grants and scholarships to students that show passion, and who without financial assistance, would not be able to participate in International Experiences. All scholarships go towards the program fees, students are expected to cover flights and units. 

We do not want monetary limitations to prevent any student from participating in Global Seminars or Immersions. Please contact us, or the professors leading the immersion, if you feel you have financial difficulties that might hinder your participation.

Global Seminars (Immersions) Scholarships and Funding.

General Scholarship.

General Scholarship for Global Seminars (academic immersions) is open to USF students enrolled in all programs, campus or branch campuses, and online. Past recipients of the scholarship are eligible to apply again, but preference will be given to those who have not yet received the scholarship and who meet the criteria. 


  1. Clearly articulate how a specific immersion and destination will enable the applicant to reach their academic and/or career goals,
  2. Register for a Global Seminar (Academic Immersion),
  3. Demonstrate financial need. 

*Revise scholarship application guidelines


Please submit the following:

  • 300 words or less, please explain how you meet the criteria for this scholarship and why you would like to be considered. 
  • Two references (names only) of full-time faculty who know the quality of your work.
  • [if applicable] Statement and amount of previous Scholarship award.


A completed application must be received by the following dates to be considered for the corresponding semester:

  • Deadline for Summer Scholarships: The deadline has been extended to May 15, 2021 
  • Deadline for Intersession and Spring Scholarships: November 1, 2021
  • Please note: Any applications received after the deadline may still be considered.
  • Form locked to emails, please login to your USF email to fill this application


Who is Eligible?

All USF students participating in short-term immersions are eligible for the Global Ambassadors Scholarship. Past recipients of the scholarship are eligible to apply again for future scholarships, but preference will be given to students that have not yet received the scholarship (and meet the criteria).

How much is covered?

The Global Ambassadors Scholarship covers a percentage, of the totality of the immersion program fee. 


Student must demonstrate:

  • Commitment to global cooperation and the promotion of mutual understanding among nations through engagement in the host community, among other activities,
  • Demonstrate skills to support faculty with planning and logistics pre and during immersions,
  • Willing to create a post-immersion reflection and provide photos, video, or text documentation. 
  • Financial need.

Application Process:

Global Ambassadors are chosen by the faculty leading the Academic Immersion. 

Fundraising guide. 

We know that sometimes even with Financial Assistance it is hard to make ends meet for an international trip, that is why we have put together a Fundraising guide to help you meet your goals.  (updated Fall 2020)

Download our Fundraising Guide