Arrupe Student Leaders

Who are Student Leaders?

Student Leaders are a valuable part of the Arrupe Immersion. As a leader, you will be responsible for your group in many ways. By applying you will be committing your time to the organization, fund-raising, and promotion of the Immersions. 

Being a Student Leader also has its perks, among them, our leadership training and scholarships for the immersion. (SL only pay a deposit)

Student Leader will be interviewed as part of the process, these are by invitation only, you will receive an email inviting you to come to the office for an interview.

Student Leader Responsibilities:

Pre-Immersion Responsibilities:

  • Recruiting.
  • Group Communication: letting them know about meetings, deposits, aid.
  • Engaging with the group and getting them excited and informed about the immersion.
  • Co-organize meetings with the group focusing on integration, information, and funding.
  • Help organize fundraising.
  • Collect Documents.

responsibilities during immersion:

  • Help students feel comfortable.
  • Maintain communication with Immersion Leader.
  • Lead some reflections.
  • If needed, translate from the local language to English.
  • With the Immersion Leader, make sure everything runs smoothly.
  • Make sure students are on time.

Responsibilities after immersion:

  • Have the group attend post-immersion general meeting.
  • Have a post-immersion follow up with the group.
  • Collect students Financial Aid Projects (videos, photos, essays)