2018 Immersions

Winter Intersession Immersions.

2018 Winter Intersession University Ministry and the Center for Global Education will be offering the following trips.

Dates: January 6-13

Sports Serving Communities in Peru

kid playing with a football, text describing immersion (same as bellow)

This immersion focuses on learning how sports equip people to serve and transform their community. Since sports provide a powerful way of connecting people with one another whatever age, gender or background, we will be meeting with teams and organizations providing youth-at-risk, and their families, opportunities to grow and develop in a healthy environment.

Cost: $1200  (Lima)

The fee does not cover the international flight. The fee covers all meals, food, and transportation within Lima.

See draft Itinerary Here: PDF iconPeru_Intersession_Itinerary.pdf

Peace and Conflict Studies in Belfast, Ireland

house with colorful mural of a peace dove

This immersion will focus on the Northern Ireland conflict, and how the peace was attained and maintained. You will engage with community organizations from both sides to fully understand this conflict. From the historical context of the current social and political reality (the current European Union and Brexit situations). 

See draft itinerary here: PDF iconIreland_Draft_Programme.pdf.

Cost: $2,000 plus cost of flight

Spring Break Arrupe Immersions

This coming Spring Break the Center for Global Education and University Ministry will be offering the following Immersions. 

Spring Break Dates for 2018: March 10-17


hicking boots on top of a mountain

Students will explore the impacts on communities made in order to harvest Appalachia's coal, natural gas, and wind to feed the energy needs of the region, nation, and the world. Participants gain an appreciation for the complexity of these issues and perform a valuable service centered around the environment.  The unique and objective education, coupled with daily reflections, resulting in a "call to action."

Cost $350 Plus flight.


man with peace sign and information about immersion (same as bellow)

Participants will take in an immersion trip to Colombia where they will learn about the social justice organizations based in the cities of Cali and Buga.  Students will be encouraged to reflect on what social justice implies in the treatment of people and the environment.  The comprehensive list of activities, lectures, and sites, will give students a well-rounded understanding of their social responsibility in the world.  The goal is that we return to campus motivated to "change the world from here.

Cost: $1100, plus the cost of flights

Dominican Republic

Students on the Dominican Republic Immersion trip will focus on the injustices that Dominicans of Haitian descent are currently facing. They will learn about the efforts of the staff at Centro Bono, who work tirelessly with this population to promote social justice. 

Cost: $1100, plus the cost of flights

See draft Itinerary here: PDF iconDRAFTITINERARY-USFDR2017-revisedbyMarioSerrano_1.pdf


cellphone overlooking train tracks.

Students will travel to Puebla and visit with immigrants on journeys along the migration routes throughout Mexico. We will also visit local community centers and meet children and families displaced by economic injustices. The focus of the trip is gaining a deeper understanding of the lives and experiences of both immigrants and those living in the communities through which they travel.

Cost: $900, plus the cost of flights.

See draft itinerary here: PDF iconInmersion_Itinerary_in_Puebla.pdf


woman smiling next to a llama

Students will be working with a group called Generacion, which provides shelter and support for the street children of Lima. The kids are often victims of neglect, poverty, sexual abuse and sex trafficking, HIV/AIDS, and other injustices. We will spend our days in the shelters working with the children and engaging in activities, and most importantly, learn from them. 

Cost: $1250, plus the cost of flights

See draft itinerary here: PDF iconPeru_SB_Immersion_Itinerary.pdf


kids playing football in a favela, text explaining immersion (same as bellow)

Students participating in the Brazil immersion will focus their experience in Rio de Janeiro and learn how sports projects that work in the "favelas" reorganize the lives of children at risk.  Students will learn from really passionate athletes, social workers, and educators committed to create a better Brazil for all.

Cost: $1000, plus the cost of flights