Faculty Toolkit

At Global Immersions, we provide faculty with the resources to plan and lead successful immersions. 

There are many facets to running a program abroad, beginning with the initial proposal, which must be approved by Global Immersions, AVP and School Deans, and ending in some respects with the submission of various financial materials after the program ends. Our Faculty Toolkit is meant to help guide all of those processes. 

Leading a short-term immersion program is a rewarding experience that requires a service-oriented mindset that centers students’ needs. It also involves some administrative work and demands more commitment than campus teaching. While you will have time to yourself at the host site, keep in mind that your time is not your own. Your first commitment is to the program and students, but we promise that at the end of the day it will be a rewarding experience!

We have divided our toolkit in 4 section which provide faculty with resources and directions to plan their immersion from start to finish.

Quick links

Immersion planning checklist for faculty


  • Intent meeting with AVP
  • Proposal to Deans and AVP
  • Optional support meeting with staff
  • Upload to Curriculog


  • Draft budget and itinerary (support from staff)
  • Budget approval by AVP
  • Marketing and Website (with staff)
  • CRN and Syllabus
  • Open pre-registration
  • Provide scholarship distribution info
  • Host Info Sessions for Students

Implementation and Immersion

  • Select Students
  • Risk Management training
  • Final Itinerary due
  • Pre-Immersion meetings w/ students
  • Provide payment invoices
  • Report to risk management during Immersion


  • Post-Immersion Assessment
  • Optional Post-Immersion symposium

Download out Immersion Planning Checklist here.

Spanish Immersions

Being able to speak Spanish has become a priority to many immersion-leading Faculty. Through the Jesuit network, it is possible for faculty and staff from the University of San Francisco to participate in a Spanish Language Program in Puebla and Cali, Colombia.

  • Puebla, Mexico: Summer 2020 Spanish Language Program for Faculty and Staf of Jesuit Institutions.

With the intention of strengthening ties between Jesuit institutions, Ibero Puebla, through its International Academic Affairs office, offers a non-tuition Spanish Language Program for faculty and staff from Jesuit colleges & universities. During the two-week program, participants will take Spanish classes from 9 am to 1 pm with the possibility to offer a seminar/workshop or explore collaboration with peers in the afternoons.

Learn more about the Spanish program in Puebla. 

Download puebla immersions Brochure 

  • Cali, Colombia:

The Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Cali offers USF faculty the Spanish as a Foreign Language (SFL) program. The SFL program offers a communicative approach, which focuses on teaching that, promotes oral and written interaction while adapting to student requirements. It reaches its objectives through in-and-out of the classroom activities that are set out to develop learning with everyday Spanish putting forward communicative skills and the cultural attributes of Colombia.

Housing for Cali SFL:

Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Cali has in Villa Javier a special guest village located in the surroundings of the Cali Campus. Casa Villa Javier is located in Calle 17 # 121 B 80 Callejón Los Almendros in Cali Colombia. Though Villa Javier offers independent access, it also facilitates private access to the University. This country-side village is equipped with all the requirements for executive accommodation regarding security, hotel services, and technological resources. For detail information of the facility please check: http://www.javerianacali.edu.co/villa-javier.

Learn more about Cali's SFL program.