Faculty Resources

At the Center for Global Education, we provide faculty with the resources to plan and lead successful immersions. 

Immersion Planning Resources:

Budget Planning:

We have created a Budget template that you can download here:

1:1 Consultation

If you need help or guidance with the budgeting or logistics of your immersion you can contact Trista for a 1:1 consultation. 

Marketing and Communications

Need a poster to promote your immersion or want a note to appear in the students' newsletter? contact Maria to help you with all your marketing and communication needs

Faculty Immersions.

Spanish Immersion.

Being able to speak Spanish has become a priority to many immersion-leading Faculty. Through the Jesuit network, it is possible for faculty and staff from the University of San Francisco to participate in a Spanish Language Program in Puebla:

With the intention of strengthening ties between Jesuit institutions, the Ibero Puebla, through its International Academic Affairs office, offers non-tuition Spanish Language Program for faculty and staff from Jesuit colleges & universities. During the two-week program, participants will take Spanish classes from 9am to 1pm with the possibility to offer seminar/workshop or explore collaboration with peers in the afternoons.

Learn more about the Spanish program in Puebla.