Start early with logistical planning as to create a Budget and quickly decide on a program fee for students. Logistical planning for a short-term program involves the securing of:

  • a host site (classroom, office space, etc.)
  • accommodation
  • services for students (e.g., do you know where you will take students if they become ill?)
  • local support staff and or local vendors
  • travel and transportation services such as airport pickup or transfer between sites.

Marketing and Promotion.

It is essential to advertise your program as broadly and effectively as possible, both inside and outside of the department. It is especially important that students taking courses in your department know about the program to be offered abroad as soon as possible There are many ways to advertise your study abroad program:

  • Make announcements in your class.
  • Visit/make announcements in your colleagues’ classes.
  • Ask colleagues to announce your study abroad program in class or Canvas.
  • Make and distribute flyers and posters (GI can assist you in this).
  • Have info sessions.
  • Create and provide GI with a tentative schedule of field trips and other activities that complement your course’s main learning goals and curriculum.
  • Use the GI website to advertise your program. Videos and photos of your program abroad are especially appealing to students for this purpose. (GI will create a website for you)
  • Student registration will be centralized through TerraDotta

After successful advertising, which we hope will attract many applicants, faculty will be updated on applicants numbers while applications are running. Faculty should contact and evaluate students on their own, and inform GI of the students accepted. If the program does not have the minimum number of applicants to run, the application will stay open and you may continue to recruit students.

Consult the 2021 Intersession Calendar here