Implementation and Immersion


  • Advising students about the program.
  • Host info sessions for students and assist GI with program marketing.
  • Assist GI with setting up communications or contacts overseas.
  • Hold a pre-departure student orientation.
  • Participate in faculty orientation (risk management)
  • Provide a syllabus and itinerary to students.

During Immersion:

  • Serve as a liaison between students, host institution, USF, local U.S. governmental offices, and government officials in the host country.
  • Communicate with GI and CGE by e-mail/phone/fax/mail with program updates at the agreed-upon intervals.
  • Upon arrival, conduct on-site welcome/orientation.
  • At welcome/on-site orientation, reiterate your role and course expectations to students (this should already have been discussed at pre-departure orientation).
  • Strive to achieve a good group dynamic.
  • Assist students with cultural adjustment.
  • Be responsible for coordination of program excursions and field trips and/or work in partnership with the on-site coordinator who handles these kinds of activities.
  • Advise and counsel students when needed.
  • Resolve student discipline issues, and in some cases call for the dismissal of a student from the program.
  • Respond to natural, political, and social emergencies in the host country.
  • Oversee the academic program.
  • Oversee all payments and keep receipts of program-related activities in the host country.
  • Keep accurate financial receipts for end-of-program accounting with GI.
  • Submit Incident Report Forms, if applicable. This should be done no later than 24 hours after the incident.