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In pursuit of its mission, USF promotes a global perspective.  USF aims to increase the number of students studying abroad, whether it is semester long or short-term study abroad.  Senior Vice Provost Shirley McGuire oversees the Center for Global Education (CGE) which supports students who wish to study abroad.  In addition, the Arrupe Justice Immersion Trips are included in the short-term study that offers programs within the United States and international destinations.  Dr. McGuire and CGE staff will work closely with faculty to ensure the safety of students overseas, compliant issues, and financial resources.


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Effective August 1, 2015, the following practice must be used going forward:

Per Diem Rates may only be applied if your stay does not include any meals or incidentals for the day.  

You may not use the Per Diem Rate if your lodging includes breakfast and/or there is a group reception that day.  Note you will need to list each of your meals separately for the day and receipts over $50 are required.

In cooperating with each other, we ensure that we are in compliance with the auditors.