Banner Cloud FAQs & Suggestions

Banner Cloud FAQ's and Suggestions
Can I use the browser back and forward buttons to navigate in Banner Cloud? No. Do not use the browser back and forward buttons. Doing so could lock you out of Banner, forcing you to quit the browser and log in again. Use the navigation elements (Go button, Start Over button, X button, etc.) within the Banner Cloud web interface for all navigation.
How do I search by a person’s name instead of CWID? When searching for a person by name, from the ID field in the key block, tab to access the name search field. The % wildcard still works, e.g. Smith, Jo% brings back all those with the last name of Smith and the first name starting with Jo.
What is the expected behavior when going back and forth between different people’s records? When moving from one page (form) to another, be sure to double-check the student name/CWID. In general, the person carries over from one page to another, but if you are navigating between multiple open pages and changing the person on one page, the other pages will not necessarily refresh with the changed person information. For example, if you bring a student up on SGASTDN and then go to the Related Menu and choose the Advisor page, update the advisor info, then enter a new student on the Advisor page and make another change, when you go back to SGASTDN it will still show the previous student’s information. This is the expected behavior.
How do I access xTender in Banner Cloud? To access xTender, click on the Retrieve button above the key block. Remember that access to xTender documents are determined by the page you are viewing in Banner. You may be required to log in.
What is the difference between the Related and Tools menu? The Related menu lists other pages that are often associated with the page you are currently view. The Tools menu lists associated actions you might be able to take on a particular page or record. If you can’t find what you are looking for in the Related menu, try the Tools menu.
Can I resize my browser screen? Yes. Because Banner Cloud is browser-based, you can use the browser capability to make the Banner interface bigger or smaller using the appropriate keyboard shortcuts or minimize/zoom options provided by the browser you are using.
How do I navigate around the Banner Cloud page?

Sections: The different sections of the page may have multiple records. Use the navigation arrows in each section to access those records

Next Block: Use the up/down arrow in the lower-left corner of the Banner page to move between sections (blocks) of the page
How do I find out who last updated a record, when it was updated, or what the field name is for a particular data point on a record?

Activity date, activity user and field name information now appear at the bottom of the Banner page. Please note not all records will note who or when a record was last updated.

Why do I see messages in the right-hand corner of my page?

Messages appear in the upper right corner of the Banner window to let you know the outcome of a particular action you took, such as when you save a change.

  • Errors are red messages and will require action before you can proceed.

  • Warnings are yellow messages and should be reviewed and acted upon accordingly.

  • Confirmations (like record saved) are green messages.

The number of messages will show in a gold box to the right of the Tools button. Click on the number to hide the messages.