If you were directed here...

Infoblox, a network security tool used at USF, has determined that your system has been compromised—by a computer virus, malware, or other malicious code. If you were directed to this page, follow the steps below to minimize damage to your system and the other systems on the network. 

Steps to take

  1. Disconnect the affected system from the network (i.e., turn Wi-Fi off and disconnect the Ethernet cable). 
  2. Contact the USF ITS Help Desk at (415) 422-6668 or to let them know that you were directed to the "Compromised" ITS web page. They will open a ticket. 
  3. Follow the instructions received from the Help Desk. They might ask you to bring your device to the ITS Help Desk, where they will attempt to restore your system to its state before it became compromised.