Faculty/Staff Quick Guide

ITS Help Desk

Need tech help? Contact the ITS Help Desk for assistance.


myUSF is the University's enterprise portal and central authentication system that provides access to a multitude of resources, including Canvas, e-mail, University announcements, timesheets, and many more services.



Faculty and Staff email is called DonsApps Mail (Faculty/Staff) and is provided by Google with all of the features of Gmail, including 30 GB of storage.


The USF standard for personal and departmental calendars is DonsApps Calendar, our branding of Google Calendar.


All USF students, faculty, and staff may create, store, and share files using DonsApps Drive, USF's branding of Google Drive. Drive has document, spreadsheet, presentation, and drawing modules.

USF Wireless

Members of the USF community access the Internet by connecting to the USF Wireless network. Use your standard USF Connect username and password to register with USF Wireless.

Computers and Printing

ITS provides Lenovo and Apple desktop and laptop computers for faculty, staff, labs, and classrooms.


ITS purchases and provides complete support for a standard suite of software [Link] that meets the needs of most community members. The suite is divided into applications that are automatically installed on all USF-owned computers and are charged to the central USF software account. Other applications are supported by ITS and installation CDs are maintained, but licenses and upgrades must be paid for by the department, school or college.


The Pharos client software allows you to print from your computer to any Pharos enabled self-service printer at the university or distributed campuses. More information can be found on the USF Pharos webpage.

Telephones & Voicemail

ITS provides telephone, fax and modem service on the San Francisco campus and regional campuses.


Banner is the University's Administrative System Suite, the primary information system used to conduct the business of the University. The core system suite is made up of the Advancement, Finance, Financial Aid, Human Resources, and Student modules, and features additional functionality in document management, job scheduling, reporting, and workflow. Banner has a self-service module called Self Service Banner (SSB) and a full-functionality administrative interface called Internet Native Banner (INB).


Canvas is USF’s learning management system. Course sites are created automatically. Both appointed instructors and officially registered students are automatically enrolled in the course sites. Please refer to the knowledge base article below to help you get started and give you the basics to configure your Canvas environment and participate in your Canvas courses.

Assessment Tools

To achieve successful student performance, learning technology calls for good assessment tools. More information can be found on our Assessment service page [Link].


Turnitin is a resource that USF has licensed that is designed to help students avoid plagiarism and improper citation. The software encourages original writing and proper citation practices. Turnitin is also integrated into Canvas so that students can submit their papers through your Canvas course site.


Qualtrics allows for the development of robust and powerful surveys for both research and assessment. Select from over a dozen question-types and a variety of survey distribution options to maximize your response rate.


Clickers are interactive handheld devices that, when used in the classroom, can provide real-time, formative assessment.  Clickers can be used to increase student engagement, take classroom attendance, conduct quizzes, and maintain a gradebook. i>Clicker is the brand that USF has standardized on.


The CIT training program is dedicated to providing USF faculty and staff with the necessary tools to increase their proficiency and understanding of technology in today's classroom and office. We are the starting point for USF faculty, staff and students interested in improving their skills and effectiveness using computers and instructional technology.

Classroom Technology

Classroom AV

Classroom Technology provides technical support and AV equipment for use in learning environments. We believe that technology can enhance instructional effectiveness, increase learning, and improve the curriculum. Our goal is to provide facilities and technical resources that will support outstanding educational programs and enhanced learning.

Smart Classrooms

Each Smart Classroom is equipped with a high-end display as well as speakers for audio. Our Smart Classrooms provide the presenter with the ability to project videotapes, DVDs, and to connect their own laptops. Smart Classrooms also include permanently installed Mac computers that allow the presenter to choose between the Windows or Mac operating systems.

Echo 360 Lecture Capture

Echo360 is an automated lecture capture system that can be scheduled to record a lecturer's presentation, including audio and video, along with the lecture content that is presented on the classroom's screen.

Media Services

A/V Recording

Recording is arranged in advance by reservation and is scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis up to our capacity. Please log in to USF Connect and go to the USF Calendar tab. Then, select the “Event and Room Request” button to make your Audio/Visual reservation. Please be sure to input all requested information.

Media Conversion

If you have media on VHS that you wish to show in a class, that is unavailable on DVD, we will convert it to a single DVD copy for you. Media can also be converted to video files. These services are by arrangement only. Please contact Media Services at 422-2003 or the ITS Help Desk at 422-6668 to discuss your project and to arrange for delivery, estimated completion date, and pick-up or delivery of the project.

Streaming Media

Any video to which you own the digital rights or have obtained the permission of its participants may be streamed via USF’s streaming server. Video can be streamed and embedded into a web page, onto youtube, or linked to a private Canvas course. For more information please visit our Streaming Media service page [Link].

Online Directory

The University online directory can be found at http://www.usfca.edu/directory.

ITS eStore

Save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on personal electronics, software, services, and more using the ITS eStore. Software such as Microsoft Office 365, Windows 7, Windows 8, VMWare Fusion, and Sophos Anti-Virus can be downloaded for free!

Data Backup

USF provides a web-based file backup service for university-owned computers using MozyPro. Specified files are backed up over the Internet transparently while you work or when your computer is idle. You can restore single files, file folders, or specific versions of any one file in the event of computer damage or loss. Mozy can even recover files up to 30 days after accidental deletion.

Network Remote Access

The University Remote Access service allows faculty and staff members to securely access internal USF private network resources such as Administrative Systems, File Servers, or Network Printing. This service is provided using Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology which encrypts and secures data transmissions between your computer and the University network. VPN can be used from an off-campus location over the public Internet or on-campus via the USF Wireless network.

USF Event Calendar & Scheduling

USF Event Calendar serves as a focal point for all scheduling information. It includes academic and non-academic information from the university's schedule of classes and the Event Management System.

USF Mobile

USFmobile offers essential USF information and services anytime, anywhere on your smartphone or PDA. It includes up-to-date information on events, campus locations, class schedules, and transportation options.