USF Secure Mail

USF Secure Mail (Using Proofpoint Encryption)

With USF Secure Mail, messages and attachments are automatically encrypted with complete transparency. It simplifies secure communications. All USF faculty and staff members have the ability to initiate an encrypted email thread when there is a need for confidentiality and security in the sending and receiving of certain messages and files. Here is a quick start guide on how to use Proofpoint Encryption for secure emails.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I send an encrypted message using Proofpoint?

A: Follow the instructions in the quick start guide.

Q: Can I receive password-protected / encrypted files?

A: No. The attachments will be removed since their contents could not be scanned for safety when receiving password-protected or encrypted files from external email addresses.

Solution: Receive the files securely using one of these methods:
1. Arrange to download the files from the source via encrypted and secure means using SFTP or HTTPS. For example, the files can be downloaded securely from Google Drive.
2. A USF faculty/staff member can securely send and receive files with no password protection or unencrypted by attaching them to an encrypted message. This will allow the recipient to reply to the message and attach files securely. Learn how to initiate an encrypted message through the quick start guide

Q: How do I send an encrypted message to a USF student?

A: Be sure to send to their address. They will be prompted to register to get a password in order to access the secure email.

Q: Can I send an encrypted message to a USF group address or mailing list?

A: No. The USF Secure Mail is for sending to individual addresses.

Q: Why do I get this error message when accessing a new encrypted message? 

A: Just wait a couple of minutes for the encryption process to complete before the secure message is ready to be accessed.

Q: Does USF Secure Mail create a copy of the message in my Sent folder at Gmail? 

A: Only the first message that you initiated will be in the Sent folder. Subsequent replies will not be saved in the Sent folder or any folder at Gmail.

Q: What is the attachment size limit for USF Secure Mail?

A: The total attachment size cannot exceed 15 MB.

Q: When does my encrypted message expire?

A: The Click here link will become disabled after 7 days and this message will be displayed when clicking it:

After 7 days, you will need to click on the attachment to access the message for 14 days from the time it was sent, after which the message will be deleted permanently.