Degree Positing Process


Degrees are posted when all requirements have been fulfilled. The date of the defense of a dissertation has no bearing on the degree posting. Candidates must submit all required documents with all of the proper signatures by:

  • August 1 (for a Spring/May degree posting)
  • January 30 (for a Fall/December degree posting)

Failure to complete these procedures by the above dates requires that candidates register for 1 more unit of 791 in the following semester. Failure to complete the Final Procedures in the following semester will require candidates to register for 3 more units of 791 and redefend the dissertation at the chairperson’s discretion in the subsequent semester. Candidates must be registered in the semester that the degree is posted.

STEP 1: Electronic Dissertation Submission

After the oral defense and after making the required revisions, you must prepare your
dissertation for UMI and Gleeson Library in Adobe PDF format. Prior to converting your
document to PDF, be sure you have followed the formatting guidelines in your publication manual and the School of Education formatting recommendations found in Appendix C of the Doctoral Student Handbook. The order of pages is listed on page 5. It is the author’s responsibility to reformat the document into Adobe PDF and check the reformatted document for accuracy.

For assistance with converting your document to PDF format, please contact the USF ITT at (415) 422-2223 or The USF ITT Website also has tools to convert your document to PDF. Your PDF file must conform to the attached guidelines specified in the Final Procedures packet.

How to upload your dissertation to the UMI ETD Administrator Website

  1. Go to:
  2. Check campus resources (if necessary)
  3. Click on “Submit my dissertation”
  4. New users must “Create an Account”
  5. Follow simple steps to create an account. We suggest you use your USF email account for your username
  6. Follow step-by-step instructions of the submission process
  7. You will receive a confirmation email once your document has been submitted
  8. You will receive another email once your PDF dissertation submission has been approved by the School of Education; or an email if any corrections are required.
  9. Be sure to check your email regularly after submission.

STEP 2: Final Document Submission

  • Dissertation Abstract: The abstract, which will be published in Dissertation Abstracts and ProQuest's Digital Dissertations database to publicize the availability of the dissertation online, should be written with care and be representative of the dissertation. See Final Procedures Packet for formatting instructions.
  • Signature Page: A sample signature page is included in this packet. Re-type it and bring it with you to your final defense. Your committee members (minus your Chair) should sign it upon passing your final defense. Your Committee Chair will sign the form when you are ready to upload your final, corrected dissertation. See Final Procedures Packet for formatting instructions.
  • Certification of Completion of Degree Requirements Form: Once your dissertation is approved, your chairperson will sign this form. It must be submitted with all other documents. Form included on page 9. This form is not a part of your dissertation and should not be scanned or inserted in your electronic dissertation.
  • Survey of Earned Doctorates: The School of Education is required to send this survey to the National Opinion Research Center (NORC) in Chicago, which uses the information for statistical purposes. The survey is accessible online. Please complete the survey and submit the certificate of completion with your final paperwork.

Forms referenced above and more detailed instructions can be found in our Final Procedures Packet.

Original copies of your paperwork must be turned in to your Program Assistant. No electronic copies will be accepted.

You can either hand-in your paperwork or mail it to the address below:

Learning and Instruction Department

ATTN: Gabriela Martinez

2130 Fulton Street

San Francisco, CA 94117-1071