Registering for 709, 790 and 791

First-time Registration

If you are registering for L&I 709, L&I 790, or L&I 791 for the first time you will need to complete and submit paperwork listed below before you can register.

It is your responsibility to collect the required signatures from faculty members and turn in only completed forms to your department’s Program Assistant.

L&I 709 - Dissertation Proposal Seminar

L&I 790 - Dissertation Proposal Development

L&I 791 - Dissertation Research and Writing

The Dean’s Office can take up to two weeks to process your paperwork, so please plan accordingly.

Continuing students

If you are continuing in L&I 709, L&I 790, or L&I 791 then you must ask your instructor to send the department’s Program Assistant an approval email that states you are cleared to re-register for a dissertation course.