Are you planning to take a Leave of Absence?

Graduate students who wish to leave USF temporarily must submit a Leave of Absence form to the One Stop Enrollment and Financial Services Office, and are encouraged to make an appointment with their advisor or a dean prior to initiating Leave of Absence procedures.

Students who leave USF without having obtained final approval for a leave of absence, or students who do not return for the semester specified, are considered to have withdrawn from the University; they must apply for readmission should they wish to return later (refer to the application form for re-admission). To comply with reporting standards in higher education, a leave of absence should be requested no later than the census date of the term to which the leave will apply, and will not be granted after the last day of the term. Retroactive leaves of absence will not be granted. Students who take a leave of absence from the University from the beginning of the semester (the first day of class) until 4 p.m. on the census date will receive a full refund of tuition, if appropriate. LOA’s are granted for one semester at a time. A total of two leaves of absence is allowed during a student’s doctoral program. LOA’s will not be granted after a student has enrolled in the Dissertation Proposal Development (790) and Dissertation Research and Writing (791) courses.

If enrolled in one of the credential or licensure programs, an official Leave of Absence keeps a student in the program, and upon return at the scheduled time, allows the student to resume and complete the original requirements in place at the time of admission.