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America Reads Tutors provide literacy tutoring to Kindergarten through 3rd grade students in San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) sites and community centers. The America Reads program also offers undergraduate students opportunities for advancement through leadership development and peer-to-peer supervision, after one year of committed and successful employment.

Tutors work with America Reads staff at USF to create a schedule that works for them, and generally commit between 6 and 15 hours per week during the Fall and Spring semesters. The hourly wage for this position starts at $16.00/hour. Please view the Position Description below for more details.America Reads Tutor PD 2017-2018.pdfNew America Reads tutors also receive support by participating in a one-credit, once-a-week training course, specifically developed for the America Reads program. In the Fall, tutors can choose between two sections of the course, and in the Spring there is typically one section offered.Hiring RequirementsUndergraduate students awarded Federal Work Study and who are taking less than 18 credits are welcomed to apply. We encourage you to learn about the requirements to become an America Reads Tutor. If you have any questions, please email americareads@usfca.edu.

Quotes from America Reads Tutors

"I love it there and would choose no other community center to work. The staff there is friendly and is open to suggestions to make things better for everyone. As a second-year tutor, I have developed individual relationships with the different kids and enjoy seeing them progress and develop into intelligent young people. I find this job very rewarding and am glad I am able to make a difference in a child’s life."
-Lauren B., Booker T Washington Community Center"The students at the school are really great and incredibly diverse; they come from all different ethnicities, parts of the city, and lifestyles. Together, they teach me so much about individuality and how wonderful it can be… I feel like the students are really able to relate to me and enjoy the time they get to spend with me. I feel like I am teaching them a lot, but at the same time and learning a lot about myself as an educator."
- Sami W., New Traditions Elementary"I can honestly say it is such a privilege to be working there with the amount of support from the staff and parents, as well as the eagerness to learn from the students. The environment at Rosa Parks is so inviting; I have no problem waking up early to tutor the kindergarteners. For the remaining time I am with America Reads and beyond I will always have a place in my heart for Rosa Parks."
-Amber C., Rosa Parks Elementary"As a third-year tutor at the Tenderloin School, I have formed lasting relationships with the staff and students at my site…The progress in literacy I have seen in my present and past students has been my greatest accomplishment completed at USF. It is also the activity that has brought me the most joy... Working with students from diverse backgrounds is an integral part to learning how to address a student’s specific educational needs. I am very thankful for this semester’s tutoring experience and hope to continue strengthening my students’ literacy knowledge."
-Sarah H., Tenderloin Community School“Whenever someone asks me about my job, I tell them I love it. I don’t know who wouldn’t feel the rewarding effects of making a difference. You learn a lot tutoring in a third grade classroom. I didn’t think about this when I signed up four years ago, but you acquire important core values that you will take with you. I now know how to communicate with a child, how to identify a problem, how to teach, how to empower, and most importantly I’ve learned my role in that infrastructure."
-Sean T., George Peabody ElementaryUseful Links for America Reads TutorsMuni Trip Planner  
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