Event Registration System Procedures

One-Page Registration/Simple Ticketed Events

Most events created in Cvent will fall under this category. Event creators will be designated for each of the key areas to handle one-page registration forms. If you would like to be trained, please contact ecommunications@usfca.edu to discuss your needs.

Review the Cvent Express Training Guide

If your department does not have a designated Cvent event creator, eCommunications will be happy to create the event registration form on your behalf. Estimated turnaround time for simple, one-page event registration forms is three business days.

Use the event registration request form to submit your request

Complex Events or Events With a Donation Component

If you need a complex registration form (where registrants can choose multiple session combinations across multiple days) or require a donation component to the event, please follow the procedures below to start your request.

  • Step 1Submit the event registration request form 
  • Decide what information you need to collect (first name, last name, email, etc.) 
  • For paid events: FOAP to deposit revenue, ticket cost, ticket limit, do registrants need the ability to add guests, etc.
  • Step 2: eCommunications will contact you to discuss any additional questions within 1-2 business days
  • Step 3: Registration form is created
  • Step 4: Preview is sent for approval to client
  • Step 5: Form is launched
  • Step 6: Reports provided as requested

Estimated turnaround time of such a request is 7–9 business days.

View Event Registration System Policy and FAQ