How to Request a Digital Sign

The Digital Signage Management Policy allows for any USF unit to request a digital sign. The process for acquiring a local digital sign will begin with the requesting office having a well-defined communications strategy for content. To complete the signage request form, the office must carefully consider their communication needs for the sign and draft a written communication strategy document. There will also be a number of costs associated with purchasing and installing the sign, so the requesting office should consider funding strategies at the beginning of the request process. The request form to install a new digital sign can be found in the USFConnect Support & Answers tab under the Service Catalog menu.

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Excerpts From Digital Signage Recommendations

  • 2.2 Requests for “local” digital signs. Units can request the installation of a digital sign upon submission of a written communication plan. This plan, to be reviewed and approved by Web Communications and ITS, will include the plan for keeping content fresh and identify the full-time staff member assigned this task. Training of this staff member will also be required.
  • 3.1 University-wide content. As they do now for the web-site homepage, Web Communications should be responsible for posting university-wide content on digital signs. The existing Homepage Committee whose members provide campus-wide input, should also advise Web Communications on university-wide content and the balance between university-wide and local content, where applicable.
  • 3.2 Local content. School and administrative unit staff charged with digital signage responsibilities should submit fresh content to Web Communications as specified in their approved plan (see recommendation 2.2). As they do now for web-site interior pages, Web Communications should assist local signage staff with design services.