Web Alias Standard Policy


The purpose of the Web Alias Standard is to establish a framework for the approval of new root level aliases. The intent of this standard is to ensure consistency and properly branded University of San Francisco web sites.

Policy Statement

Web Alias

An alias is a way to provide a meaningful name for your web site that is easy for people to remember and enhances promotional efforts.  People request aliases to make it easier to associate a name with a given web site.

root level alias is a web address that is one level directly under the main web site, such as www.usfca.edu/admission/. These are often requested to provide easier access and enhance promotional efforts.  Root level aliases are only appropriate for high visibility or high-use sites which may often be accessed by the user’s typing the URL directly. The alias should be short, clear and easy to remember.

Every School, College, Division/Unit and authorized organizations own root level web sites on www.usfca.edu.  All departments and organizations must have their aliases contained underneath the major School, College or Unit umbrella alias to which they are affiliated. This format is a well established best practice for the web as it encourages good content management, usability and accessibility practices.  Appropriate department examples include the Math department, https://www.usfca.edu/arts-sciences/undergraduate-programs/mathematics, which is associated with the College of Arts & Sciences root level alias, https://www.usfca.edu/arts-sciences.

Web aliases created underneath an existing root level alias do not need approval.

Root Level Alias Requests

Exceptions may be made to the policy above for the following reasons:

  • Requests must be deemed to have sufficient promotional or marketing value
  • A special program or administrative unit; the alias must reflect and use the name.

Any new root level aliases cannot be set up without approval from Web Communications & Services in collaboration with Information Technology Services and the Web Policy Steering Committee

Requests for a root level web alias can be made by sending an email to Web Services.

Web Services can help you determine the best alias for your web site. Please alert us prior to referencing an alias in any type of print materials, email communication or advertising to ensure that the alias is available and working.