Pre-Register Your Devices for the USF Network

Move-In day is busy enough.  Why wait to learn how to connect your devices to the USF Network until the day you arrive?

We proudly announce the ability to register your devices for access to the USF Network before arrival!  Have the peace of mind of knowing that your laptop, phone, game console, smart TV, and other IoT devices will be able to connect to Wi-Fi and Wired network access points. 

Step 1: Connect to VPN

Please visit the MyUSF VPN Access page for instructions on connecting to the USF Network remotely via Virtual Private Network.

Step 2:  Login To The Appropriate Device Registration Portal

Once connected using VPN, you can access the two portal links below.   The MyLife portal is for personal devices such as laptops, phones, smart TVs, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, etc.  The MyConsole portal is for gaming consoles such as PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Switch, etc.  Registering gaming consoles on the MyConsole portal is important to ensure they can access public gaming servers. 

Every device capable of joining a data network has a unique identifier called a MAC address, otherwise known as a Media Access Control address.  If your device has Wired and Wi-Fi connections, it will have two different MAC addresses.  To register your device, you must first identify the MAC address. 

Once you've identified the MAC addresses of the devices you'd like to use on the USF Network, login to the appropriate portal below to begin the registration process.  You may find instructions for each of these portals at the link just below the portal link. 

MyLife Portal - Student Personal Device Registration Portal

MyLife Portal Registration Instructions

MyConsole Portal - Gaming Console Registration Portal

MyConsole Portal Registration Instructions