Step 12: Complete Online ID Express To Get Your Student ID! (One Card)

All USF students are issued a university photo ID card called a USF One Card. As a current USF cardholder, you may use your USF One Card to unlock doors and gain entrance into University buildings and facilities. You will need your One Card to move into your residence hall. You may also use your USF One Card to access your Flexi meal plan account, Dons Dollars debit account, Student Rewards Program account, and Student Advantage account. (Please visit the One Card website for more information on these other access and entitlement privileges.)

  • Smile for the camera
    Have someone take your picture (or find a favorite one in your collection). Your entire head and shoulders must be visible and you should be facing directly towards the camera. Make sure it’s saved as a JPG or JPEG file.
  • Upload Your Photo
    Log onto the Online ID Express website with your myUSF username and password. Under “Submit ID Photo”, click “Choose File” and find your photograph. Then upload and submit it.
  • Beat the deadline
    We ask that you complete the Online ID Express process by January 11, 2019 to allow sufficient time for the One Card Office staff to create your account and import your photo into our system.
  • See If You Win
    If you complete Online ID Express by the deadline, you will automatically be entered into a raffle (prize to be determined)

Deadline: January 11, 2019

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