Step 3: Confirm Financial Aid (U.S. Citizens, Eligible Non-Citizens And Undocumented Students)

U.S. citizens and eligible non-citizens qualify for federal aid, and therefore, can submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

To determine if you are an eligible non-citizen, please visit. After receipt of your FAFSA application (and CSS Profile for first-year freshmen students) and confirmation of your admission, the Financial Aid Office will determine your aid eligibility and send you a paper award letter or an email financial aid notice to your myUSF email account. Beginning March 16, 2018, you may log in to myUSF to accept or decline the loan and/or student work offered to you.

  • Go to your myUSF dashboard:

    Log into myUSF, click on the Student button in the Self-Service box. Once in Student Self Service, click on the Student tab, and then click on the Financial Aid menu.

  • Accept or decline your aid:

    Click on the Award link, then follow the link to accept or decline your award offers. Your aid cannot be credited towards your charges and you will not receive your aid unless you go online to accept it.

  • Check the status of your aid:

    Go to the Financial Aid Status link. If you have any outstanding requirements, you must complete them before your aid can be confirmed and credited towards your payment obligations. If you completed the CSS Profile, you must upload your financial aid requirements through IDOC.

Deadline: November 15 or within 30 days of receipt of your award notice, whichever is later, but we recommend that you accept as soon as possible after access to myUSF Self-Service is available to assure that the aid will be credited to your tuition and other charges when billing occurs and payment is due.

Undocumented Student Resources:

Student Enrollment Services Office, Lone Mountain, Room 251
2130 Fulton St, San Francisco, CA 94117
Tel: (415) 422-2020, Fax: (415) 422-6084
Email:, Web: