Step 15: Confirm Health Insurance

As a condition of enrollment, the University of San Francisco requires students to have a health insurance plan, both to protect against unexpected high medical costs and to provide access to quality care.

You may choose to either enroll in the USF-sponsored plan or waive the USF plan if you already have health insurance coverage.

Option 1: Enroll in the USF-sponsored plan

All undergraduate domestic students registering for 9 credit hours or more (EXCEPT Certificate programs and Online programs students) will be automatically enrolled in and charged for the USF health insurance plan by Aetna. This charge is part of your bill. You can also schedule a free online medical appointment when you register with Teladoc as a member of Aetna insurance plan.

Option 2: Waive USF plan by September 1

Students who have a U.S.-based health insurance plan with coverage comparable (equal or better) to the USF-sponsored plan can waive the student health insurance plan and keep their current insurance plan. For more specific waiver requirements, visit the Waiver Criteria page.

You can opt-out of the USF -sponsored plan online by visiting the Health Insurance Policy page in late June. You have until September 1 to opt out, otherwise you will be charged for the USF health insurance plan.

Deadline: September 1. You may opt-out of the USF-sponsored plan (waive the requirement) between late June and September 1. If you do not waive the insurance requirement by September 1, you will be automatically enrolled in and charged for the USF-sponsored plan.

Health Promotion Services, UC Fifth Floor
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Tel: (415) 422-5797, Fax: (888) 471-2290