Step 7: Prepare to Register: Select Your Courses

Browse the Fall 2019 Class Schedule and Decide Which Courses To Take
Go To myUSF and Browse the Fall 2019 Class Schedule. Be sure to consider what you learned in the Webtrack Advising Tutorial, and in reviewing your Degree Evaluation, when selecting the Core, Major, or Elective courses you will take in Fall 2019.

Tips for Browsing the Class Schedule

  • The days of the week are abbreviated M — Monday, T — Tuesday, W — Wednesday, R — Thursday, F — Friday, S — Saturday.
  • Course Numbers indicate the student class level for which the course is primarily intended:
    Course Number Class Level Course Credits
    100—199 Freshman 0—31
    200—299 Sophomore 32—63
    300—399 Junior 64—95
    400—499 Senior 96+
  • Course Prerequisites describe conditions you must have met before you will be allowed to take the class. Prerequisites may include such things as achieving a minimum test score, completing a related lower-level course with a certain grade, or being a declared major in the field.
  • Course Corequisites identify classes that must be taken together, such as a lecture course and associated laboratory course.
  • The CRN, or Course Registration Number, is a number assigned to uniquely identify each section of each course. You must select (or enter) the CRN to register for a class online.

Please Note that you must confirm that the class is open for enrollment, and that you are eligible for enrollment in it, before you can register for the class.

Office of the University Registrar
Tel: +1 (415) 422-7260
Email:, Web:

Academic English Courses and the Academic English for Multilingual Students (AEM) Program

If your admission decision letter indicates that it might be necessary for you to take Academic English Courses, you will be assigned a Faculty Academic Adviser who teaches in the Academic English for Multilingual (AEM) Students Program.

Your AEM Faculty Academic Adviser will decide which AEM courses you should take, if any, based on the TOEFL or IELTS Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking Scores you submitted as part of your application for admission. Your AEM Adviser will send your First-Semester Course List and other important information to your myUSF e-mail address.

In order to ensure that your AEM course schedule is correct, you will be required to take a two-part (written and oral) English Language Placement Test During Welcome Week (See Step 15). Your test results will be used to confirm or revise your AEM course registration for Fall 2019.

Please Note that your AEM Adviser will send your First-Semester Course List and special registration requirements to your myUSF e-mail address only. Please be sure to review this information and to be in touch with your AEM Adviser with any questions before you register for classes.