Step 8: Register for Classes

Registration opens June 1. You can register for classes after watching all advising tutorials and completing the Webtrack quiz (See Step 6). 

Know which classes to take

Make sure you have a basic understanding of the courses you'll need to take this semester: 

  • Be sure to review the Core Curriculum requirements. They are required for all undergraduate students, regardless of your major. They cover six different areas for a total of 44 units.
  • For additional information on your specific major requirements, you can also reference the program page for your major.

Search for classes

When you're ready to register, go to the Schedule of Classes. Select "Fall 2020" from the dropdown menu.

On the next screen, you can find courses based on the course number or using the filters on the side. For detailed instructions on how to register, refer back to the Webtrack tutorial.

The course numbers indicate the class level for which the course is primarily intended:

  • 100-199: First-Year
  • 200-299: Sophomore
  • 300-399: Junior
  • 400-499: Senior
  • 500 and above: Graduate students

Please remember that all international undergraduate students must study full time and take at least 12 units (course credit hours) each semester to stay in status for immigration purposes. You should ideally register for at least 16 credit hours to stay on track for graduation.

Attend orientation for more help

During orientation (August 15-17), you will have the opportunity to meet with a faculty adviser during the "Orientation to Your Major" session. Your adviser will be happy to review your fall 2020 class schedule, and to answer any questions you might have about your schedule. Don't forget to register for orientation

Buying textbooks

After you've registered for classes, you can view your book list by clicking on Registration and then "Buy Textbooks Online," which will show you which books are required for each of your courses. You can rent or buy your books online through the USF Bookstore (you can pick them up at the bookstore when you arrive), or through book rental sites like or

Deadline: You can register for classes beginning June 1. Classes start on Tuesday, August 18. The last day to add or drop a class is August 24. We recommend that you make a list of classes you'll need to register for in advance, so you can be ready to register on June 1. All USF students will be registering during this time, so try to register as early as possible to ensure you get the classes you need while they are available.

Questions about registration?

Office of the University Registrar
Tel: +1 (415) 422-7260
Email:, Web:

Academic English Courses and the Academic English for Multilingual Students (AEM) Program 

If your admission letter says that you may need to take Academic English Courses, you will be assigned an AEM Faculty Adviser who teaches in the Academic English for Multilingual (AEM) Students Program

Your AEM Faculty Adviser will decide which AEM courses you should take, if any, based on the TOEFL or IELTS scores you submitted as part of your application. Your AEM Adviser will send you a list of required AEM courses for your first semester and other important information to your USF email address. Please be sure to review this information and to be in touch with your AEM Adviser with any questions before you register for classes.

In order to ensure that your AEM course schedule is correct, you will be required to take an English Language Placement Test during Welcome Week. Your test results will be used to confirm or revise your AEM course registration for spring 2020.

Questions about the AEM program?

Academic English for Multilingual Students Program
Kalmanovitz Hall Room 204
Tel: (415) 422-6862