Step 14: Confirm Health Insurance

As a condition of enrollment, the University of San Francisco requires students to have a health insurance plan, both to protect against unexpected high medical costs and to provide access to quality care.

Even if you will not be attending in-person classes on campus for the spring semester, you will need to choose one of the two options below.

Option 1: Enroll in the USF-endorsed plan (automatic)

All international students and scholars registering for at least one (1) credit hour or more will be automatically charged for the USF health insurance plan. You may read more about the Plan and its benefits on the USF Health Promotion Services Health Insurance web page. If you do nothing by February 1, you will be automatically enrolled in and charged for this plan. 

Option 2: Waive USF plan by February 1

Students who have a U.S.-based health insurance plan with coverage comparable (equal or better) to the USF-endorsed plan can waive the student health insurance plan and keep their current insurance plan. Please see the Waiver Criteria page for specific waiver requirements.

You can opt-out of the USF-endorsed plan online by visiting the Health Insurance Policy page. 


Deadline: February 1. You may opt-out of the USF-endorsed plan (waive the requirement) between November 30 and February 1. If you do not waive the insurance requirement by February 1, you will be automatically enrolled in and charged for the USF-endorsed plan.

Health Promotion Services
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