NPCT Traineeship Award Announcement

Nurse Practitioner and Communities Together (NPCT) HRSA Awardee

The Nurse Practitioner and Communities Together (NPCT) HRSA Award recognizes USF DNP and PMHNP students who are committed to improving health outcomes among rural and medically underserved communities. The 2019/2020 NPCT Awardees are:

  • Lilly Azouz
  • Balraj Bajwa
  • Chibuogwu Esther Ugbana
  • Kathleen Shrader
  • Malia Johnson
  • Jennifer Maina
  • Gurdeep Mann
  • Patricia Tinglin
  • Irina Raybeck
  • Steve McGowen
  • Ann Nguyen
  • Akudo Unanwa
  • Joshua Cleary
  • Siavash Rostami Jafarabad
  • Alyssa Choo
  • Jill Wabbel

Congratulations! You are changing healthcare from where you are! All USF-enrolled DNP and PMHNP students are encouraged to apply for the 2020/2021 Award. Next year's applications are due June 1, 2020.

For more information, please contact:
Sophie Carr, HRSA ANEW Research Assistant