Decide What You are Looking For

How many people do you want to live with? How much are you able to pay? What neighborhood do you want to live in? How close do you want to live from USF? Consider these questions early on to make your search easier.

Check out our Off-Campus Website and Brochure

The Off-Campus Housing Website and brochure are great resources to guide you through the search process in great detail. Learn about your rights and how to avoid problematic situations.

Find out about Off Campus Housing Programs

We offer a large scale Off Campus Housing Resource Fair in the spring as well as smaller in-hall programs. Email us at to find out about times and dates of upcoming programs.


Check out current rental statistics to find out how much rentals cost. Make sure to budget for utilities, transportation costs, parking and household supplies. 

Create a Rental Application Packet

A rental packet is an awesome tool to promote yourself and become a better prospect to landlords. Consider it your application. It just doesn't include your actual rental application. It should include a cover letter (why you want the place, and who you are), rental application (provided by the landlord), references (character reference and a rental reference are good suggestions), credit score (or parent's credit score), etc. Include a copy of your USF-supplied Golden Ticket: Be a Good Neighbor flyer to further assure the landlord that you will be a respectful community member and a picture of yourself and anyone applying for the apartment with you (you'll be remembered when the landlord is deciding).

If you are an international student provide the landlord with a Financial Verification Letter in lieu of a credit report. Visit the ISSS website to download an official copy of the letter.

Search Rentals

We have a variety of options for available local listings on the USF Listings page and other online resources. Start now!

Reach Out and View the Property

Call or email the landlord or property manager of the rentals you are interested in. Set up a time to view the property. Pay attention to how the landlord or property manager prefers to be contacted. Be sure to ask questions, give the place a good look, and make arrangements to submit your application packet if it works for you and your group.

Sign the Rental Agreement and Pay your Deposit

Get a copy of all paperwork you sign and a receipt for all financial transactions. Keep a file.

Move In

Review our Moving In section on our site for tips on how to establish yourself in your new home!