COVID-19 Information

The main USF page for COVID resources is the USF Together page 

Check out the living off-campus in the time of covid guide to learn more about the steps you can take during covid.

 Living off-campus in the time of covid-19About the COVID19 emergency tenant protections


Shared Living and Health Awareness

It is our hope that by providing this section entitled Shared Living and Health Awareness we help to ease anxiety and provide information that you may find beneficial to navigating our current reality of living within the time of  COVID-19.


Are you living with roommates or planning on living with roommates?

See the COVID Living Agreement link to help you and your roommates feel safe and comfortable while living together. 

Covid-19 Living Agreement


Have more questions regarding COVID-19 and Roommates?  Here are some articles that speak to shared living we found interesting and helpful.

Do's And Don'ts of Roomie Living during COVID

Roommate Conflict Tips in the time of COVID

Straight Roommate Talk during COVID

Negotiating New Roommate Rules during COVID

COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the San Francisco eviction moratorium? 

SF Rent Board Description 

SF Gov

Q: Can I break my lease?

A: These are not normal circumstances, but a lease is a legal document and contractual obligations apply, even in this situation. If you are wishing to leave your apartment please know unless otherwise noted you are financially obligated to pay your portion of the rent until your lease ends. 

Failure to do so may result in a loss of deposit, legal action and/or damage to credit rating. In addition, failure to pay also impacts your roommates and landlord.

You can speak with your landlord about your specific situation, but please note that this may not change your legal obligations. 

Can You Break a Lease Because of COVID-19? What Renter's Need to Know

Q: How can I find someone to takeover my lease?

A: We have students who are  looking for spaces.

What you can do:

  • Put your open room and available space on
  • To incentive your room/space you may wish lower or not require a deposit or lower your rent
  • Post your open room and available space on our social media: 
    • Facebook 
    • Instagram: @usfcaoffcampus

Q: If I choose to stay in San Francisco is it possible to rent an apartment?

A: Yes, there are quite a few off campus students who will not be returning to San Francisco, and are looking for a subletter to take over their lease. Review our rental website under subletters or go to our social media. (Facebook  or Instagram: @usfcaoffcampus)

Q: I was planning on living off campus next year and now I don’t know what to do?

A: The Off-Campus living department is available and able to support you. Email with your questions and/or schedule a zoom appointment with us. 

Q: How do we keep in touch with Off-Campus Living Department?

A: Social media is a great way to reach us and get the most up to date information. Instagram is our most frequently used social media (@usfcaoffcampus). You can also email us at 

Q: If I need storage what do I do?

A: You can store your things at Public Storage close to Trader Joe’s on Masonic; 2690 Geary Blvd. You can also store your things at UHaul (UHaul discounts). 

Q: What If I am looking for a short term lease with other companies?

A: Visit our rental website and our housing search resources page