Alarm Code Access

One Card Operational Hours Update

We are currently open for in-person assistance Monday - Friday, 10 AM to 3 PM. If you have any questions please email us at

If you require immediate assistance, please contact Public Safety Dispatch at 415-422-4201 or  

In addition to card access, the One Card Office also administers alarm codes. Current USF faculty and staff members may use their alarm code to arm/disarm alarmed areas.

Arming and Disarming your Keypad

Terms to Know when Requesting an Alarm Code

Alarm Code

Authorized USF employees have permission to arm/disarm a specific alarmed area with an alarm code that is administered to them by One Card personnel.

Keypad Access

USF maintains two types of keypads, both of which are armed/disarmed when an authorized employee enters a numeric code.

Manager Approval

To obtain an alarm code, manager (or supervisor) approval is required. A manager, in this case, is the "person responsible for the area/group" to which the cardholder needs an alarm code. The approval process entails that a manager submits a request via the Alarm Code Request Form. The use of the Alarm Code Request Form allows One Card and Public Safety Systems personnel to grant access in a timely and accurate manner, and maintain accountability while doing so.

Access Modification

In addition to requesting an alarm code for keypad access, managers also may need to modify that access. Modifications include adding/removing alarm codes. The modification process requires that a manager submits a request via the Alarm Code Request Form.