Fall Orientation

Online ID Express is a program offered by the USF One Card Office that enables you to minimize the amount of time that it takes to receive your first USF One Card. It is mandatory for all incoming students.

Online ID Express Deadline: August 5, 2020
Fall Orientation Beginning: August 12, 2020

How to Get your USF One Card

Online ID Express Instructions

  1. Find a recent color photograph of yourself (your entire head and shoulders must be visible, and you should be facing directly towards the camera), then save it as a JPG or JPEG file.
  2. Log onto the Online ID Express website using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox with your myUSF username and password. Under "Submit ID Photo" click "Browse" and find your photograph. "Upload" and "Submit" it.
  3. You will receive an email regarding the acceptance or rejection of the photograph you submitted. (You also can check the status of your photograph by logging onto the Online ID Express website and clicking "View Your Pictures.") If your photograph is rejected, you will be asked to submit a new one.
  4. If you are an international student, please take the time to read through the International Student Orientation instructions that have been designed specifically for you. Otherwise, you will pick up your One Card on move-in day at your designated check-in location. If you are unable to pick up your card during Orientation, you will pick it up at the University Center (UC) 5th Floor. Be sure to review the orientation guidelines that you receive in your acceptance packet, as special updates, including changes of venue and special office hours, may apply.
  5. Remember to bring a government-issued photo ID (e.g., a driver's license, state ID card, or passport) - your first One Card will not be issued to you without it.

Please use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as your web browser when logging onto the Online ID Express website. If, for any reason, you are unable to complete the Online ID Express process, please phone the One Card Office at (415) 422-7663 for assistance or to make other arrangements.