Flexi Meal Plan

Flexi is USF's room and board meal plan, and is required of students living in on-campus housing (with the exception of those living in Loyola Village and Fulton House).

As part of the USF One Card Program's account services, Flexi helps to provide a safer campus environment by minimizing the need to carry and use cash for daily expenses. In addition, USF One Card transactions expedite the purchase of products and services, particularly at campus dining locations.

Maintaining It

Any available balance from the Fall semester automatically forwards to the Spring semester; however, Flexi funds not used by the end of the Spring semester are forfeited. If funds are depleted prior to the end of the semester, the One Card System automatically will begin taking available funds from your Don Dollars debit account in order to pay for your meals.

Using It

To use Flexi, you first must sign up for a Flexi account as part of the on-campus housing application process with Student Housing. At the start of each semester, funds are applied to your account and are debited from the account's available balance each time you make a purchase. Because Flexi is designated to pay for meals, Flexi funds are accepted at campus dining locations only.

How can I make changes to my Flexi? To make any changes to your Flexi meal plan, contact Bon Appetit Business Services. Please note, however, that meal plans will not be modified for financial reasons.

Monitoring It

Account Statements are available via the web. You can check your account statement, transaction history, and current balances by viewing your balance and transaction history. It is important to review your transaction information at least once per month to verify that it is correct. Report any discrepancies to the One Card Office.

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