Pay Calendar

Summer 2016 Student Payroll Calendar

Pay PeriodEPAF Approval DeadlineE-Timesheet Due DatePaper Timesheet Due DatePay Date
05/21 - 06/5Fri, 05/27Sun, 06/05Tue, 06/07Wed, 06/15
6/06 - 06/20Tue, 06/14Mon, 06/20Tue, 06/21Fri, 07/01
06/21 - 07/05Tue, 06/28Tue, 07/05Wed, 07/06Fri, 07/15
07/06 - 07/20Thu, 07/14Wed, 07/20Thu, 07/21Mon, 08/01
07/21 - 08/05Fri, 07/29noon, Fri, 08/05noon, Mon, 08/08Mon, 08/15
08/06 - 08/20Mon, 08/15Sat, 08/20Mon, 08/22Thu, 09/01

Spring 2016 Student Payroll Calendar

Pay PeriodEPAF Approval DeadlineE-Timesheet Due DatePaper timesheet Due DatePay Date
12/21 - 01/05Fri, 12/18Tue, 01/05Wed, 01/06Fri, 01/15
01/06 - 01/20Wed, 01/13Wed, 01/20Thu, 01/21Mon, 02/01
01/21 - 02/05Mon, 02/01Fri, 02/05Mon, 02/08Mon, 02/15
02/06 - 02/20Fri, 02/12Sat, 02/20Mon, 02/22Tue, 03/01
02/21 - 03/05Mon, 02/29Sat, 03/05Mon, 03/07Tue, 03/15
03/06 - 03/20Mon, 03/14Sun, 03/20Mon, 03/21Fri, 04/01
03/21 - 04/05Wed, 03/30Tue, 04/05Wed, 04/06Fri, 04/15
04/06 - 04/20Fri, 04/15Wed, 04/20Thu, 04/21Mon, 05/02
04/21 - 05/05Sun, 04/24Thu, 05/05Fri, 05/06Mon, 05/16
05/06 - 05/20Mon, 05/16Fri, 05/20Fri, 05/20Tue, 05/31

Please note that supervisors must submit an EPAF (new hire/ re-hire instructions) with enough time for the department and Student Employment approval levels to be completed by the EPAF submission date in order for the student employee to receive a paycheck on the corresponding payday.

All student employees, except those working off-campus, must submit their time sheets through the E-Timesheet system, see online tutorial for instructions. If you work off-campus, you must complete a paper timesheet and submit approved timesheet to One Stop by 4:30pm on the due date (unless otherwise noted in the "Special Notes" column).

Remember to submit your timesheet as soon as you complete your last work day of the pay period. Late submission will result in a missed payday and you will be paid on the following payday.