How to Register

Prior to registration, check your "Registration Status" by logging in to your myUSF account. Review to see if there are any aspects of your current status that will prevent registration. Also, confirm that your college, degree and major information are current. If you see a problem, contact the Enrollment and Financial Services for Online Degree Programs Office, your Dean's Office, or Program Director's Office for assistance.

Step 1 - Go to myUSF in your web browser and log in.

Step 2 - Click on the "Student" tab. Under the "Student Self Service" section, click on the "Click here" button.

Step 3 - Click on the "Student" tab. Click on the "Registration" menu and then click on "View Holds." If you have a hold on your registration, you will receive a message at this point regarding the hold. You will need to clear the hold before you can proceed.

Step 4 - Click back on the "Student" tab. Click on the "Registration" menu, and then click on "Look Up and Register for Classes." Choose the term for which you would like to register and click the "Submit" button.

  • Select or search for a course. You can search for courses by selecting and entering specific information known about a particular class. To view all courses available, select "All" across from the "Subject" title and click the "ClassSearch" button towards the bottom of the screen to display both open and closed sections for the semester.
  • The course registration number (CRN) of each section is the highlighted five-digit number. After selecting the box to the left of a CRN, you will have the option to either add that course to your worksheet by clicking the "Add to Worksheet" button or registering immediately for that course by clicking the "Register" button (Please note that adding courses to your worksheet does not register you for courses). Sections that are closed will have a "C" where the box to select the course would normally be. Repeat this process until you have added all sections for which you would like to register.

Step 5 - If there is no problem with the course sections you have selected, the page will now show your "Current Schedule." Review this schedule to make sure you are registered for all of the classes for which you intended, AND if any of the "Credits" for your registered courses are highlighted in a different color, click on that number to make adjustments. This means you have registered for a variable unit course and you need to enter the correct number of units you want to take. It will appear in a box under the course. If it is correct as is, click "SubmitChanges." If it is not, enter the correct number in the box and click "Submit Changes."

  • Your web registration will not be successful and a message will appear for one or more sections if:
    • there is a time conflict between sections you have requested
    • you have not satisfied a prerequisite or co-requisite
    • special permissions are required to take the section you have requested
    • special restrictions on the population of students who may enroll are in effect
  • If your web registration for a specific course is not successful and you would still like to register for the section, contact the appropriate school or college advising office.

Step 6 - Pay tuition and fees by the deadline published on the Tuition and Billing page.

Browser Requirements

Web registration uses the Self Service Banner (SSB) application. Please click here for a list of browsers that generally work well with SSB.

If you have trouble accessing SSB with your browser, please contact the ITS Help Desk at (415) 422-6668,, or at Lone Mountain North, 2nd Floor, West.


For help with web registration, contact the Enrollment and Financial Services for Online Degree Programs Office at (415) 422-4532,, or at Lone Mountain, Room 265.

A Note on Security

For your protection, if you are browsing the web on a common access computer (e.g. in a computer lab), be sure to quit the browser and log out of the workstation.

Your Password/PIN Number

For your protection, we do not give out passwords by any means other than in-person with a photo ID. Passwords may be obtained at the ITS Help Desk in Lone Mountain North, 2nd Floor, West, or by contacting the Help Desk at (415) 422-6668 or at

USF is not currently accepting applications from online students who reside in Alabama, Arkansas, Iowa, Massachusetts, Maryland, North Carolina and Wisconsin. Note, however, that residents in these states may apply for enrollment in any USF courses or programs offered at any campus location.