E-Timesheet Support Line

For assistance, contact E-Timesheets Support Line at etimesheets@usfca.edu or x5743. We will respond within one business day except on days when we are processing payroll.

Approval Report

All late timesheets / leave reports will be placed in the approver's queue for approval on the due date. E-timesheet submitters will no longer have access to their timesheet / leave reports after the due date. Any changes will need to be made by the e-timesheet approver.

E-Timesheet Approval Reports will be sent each pay period to all e-timesheet approvers who failed to approve timesheets / leave reports. This process will help ensure that all time worked is approved and paid appropriately.

E-Timesheets is a simple and convenient way of reporting hours worked via the Employee Self-Service of MyUSF.  If you need assistance, please contact the E-Timesheets Support Line.

Paper Timesheet

If you need to correct a previously submitted timesheet or leave report, you can download a paper timesheet. Paper timesheets should be fully completed and signed by a supervisor before being submitted to the Payroll department in Lone Mountain North 3rd floor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Student Summer Jobs

Any work after May 20 must be reported on a summer job. Please confirm with your supervisor that he/she is having an EPAF (electronic personnel action form) submitted to set up the job in the system. Your e-timesheet will be available after the EPAF has been approved and applied. If your e-timesheet is not available by the submitter deadline (last day of the period), please contact the support line at etimesheets@usfca.edu or x5743.

Recent Graduates in Student Summer Jobs

If you no longer have access to MyUSF or LAN access (to log in to the USF network), ask your supervisor to request an extension of access from the ITS Help Desk at itshelp@usfca.edu.

EPAF Originators

You do not need to submit an EPAF if you only need to change a timesheet org code or approver. Instead, contact our support line. In the future, we will require a form to be completed. However, if you are submitting an EPAF for a change in salary, title, position number, FOAP, etc. and the timesheet org code will also change, please use the new code on the EPAF.

Please look up the correct timesheet organization code (also called P-ORG) by approver name and submitter department/unit and enter the code in the timesheet organization field. Specify the approver's name in the comments field on the EPAF.

An approver may have more than one timesheet org code, such as one for approving student employees and one or more for approving non-student employees. Timesheet org codes for approving student employees have the word "Students" in their description. Approvers do not need to be the supervisor of the employee.

W-2 Forms

All currently active employees have access to their W-2 online via the Fav Apps >Employee Self Service in MyUSF (under "Tax Forms"). If you need a W-2 form re-printed, please contact the support line and provide your name, CWID (eight-digit ID) and preferred method of delivery (pick-up, USPS or inter-office mail). If you would like it mailed, please confirm your address.