Student Fee Process

Tuition at the University of San Francisco is generally expected to be an all-inclusive cost. Institutional Fees are assessed to every student who matriculates in an academic program and/or resides on campus. Departmental Fees are assessed on a case by case basis to the individual student.

Fees generally fall into one of seven distinct categories: (1) Application, (2) Student Government, (3) External providers of student services, (4) Residence Hall and Meal Plan, (5) Student requested services, (6) Program specific services and, (7) Penalty. Please refer to the University website for details on current fees.

This document outlines the process to establish, eliminate, increase or decrease student fees. The sequence parallels the University’s Tuition and Fee Recommendation Process coordinated by the Office of Planning and Budget.

1. Requesting Department reviews the need for a new or adjusted student fee and drafts the proposal to be reviewed by:

  • Department Manager
  • Unit’s Budget Manager

2. Fee Proposal Review and confirmation of dollar impact of proposal by:

  • Restricted funds involved - AVP of Business and Finance, Neva Nguyen
  • Unrestricted fund involved - AVP of Planning and Budget, Michael Harrington

3. Review and endorsement of proposal by the Unit’s VP:

  • To be completed no later than November 15th
  • Send request to Vice Provost of Budget, Planning, and Effectiveness, Jeff Hamrick
  • Institutional Fee proposal shared with Leadership Team as part of Tuition and Fee Recommendation Process
  • Departmental Fee is approved by Unit VP and, as warranted, shared with the Leadership Team

4. Approval or denial of new or adjusted student fee

  • Institutional Fee decision made at Cabinet and/or Board level through inclusion in Tuition and Fee Recommendation Process
  • Departmental Fee decision made by Unit VP

5. Fee schedule updated and shared with University Managers. Fee communicated to campus community:

  • Institutional fees are part of the Tuition and Fee Schedule published by Student Accounts and communicated by the President
  • Departmental fees are published on the University website and communicated by responsible Department