Meeting Schedule

All meetings will take place from 12:15 - 1:15 p.m.

10/3/2019 - UC 402/403

Inaugural meeting of the University Budget Advisory Council (UBAC).*


Vice Provost for Institutional Budget, Planning, and Analytics advances proposed new and continuing student enrollment targets to UBAC and Cabinet discussions

10/17/2019 - MC 252

October UBAC meeting - Review FY21 tuition and fee studies, review proposed FY21 tuition and fee increases, review FY21 enrollment targets, etc.*

11/21/2019 - MC 252

November UBAC meeting - Review Existing Contract Increase and Non-Discretionary Increase Budget Assist proposals, begin procedure to score Budget Assist proposals.*

12/12/2019 - FR 120 - Xavier Auditorium

December joint Cabinet-UBAC meeting - Review discretionary Budget Assist proposals*

12/16/2019 - FR 111 Broad Conference Room

December UBAC meeting - Review scoring of Budget Assist proposals and make recommendations to President’s Cabinet*


President’s Cabinet reviews discretionary Budget Assist proposals and receives recommendations from UBAC.*

1/16/2020 - UC 402/403

January UBAC meeting - Review President’s decisions concerning Budget Assist requests.*

2/20/2020 - UC 402/403

February UBAC meeting - Review of prospective budget-balancing efforts, if necessary.*

3/19/2020 - MC 252

March UBAC meeting - If applicable, review of savings target allocations to units.*

4/16/2020 - UC 402/403

April UBAC meeting - Review summaries of proposed savings initiatives, gather feedback for the President’s Cabinet.*


President’s Cabinet reviews UBAC feedback about proposed savings initiatives, if required for FY21.*

5/21/2020 - UC 402/403

May UBAC meeting.*

 *The University Budget Advisory Council (UBAC) is being formed in FY20, and so the milestones on this timeline associated with that group may be subject to revision once that group is constituted and meeting regularly.