Strategic Planning 2020-2021

Full Charge of the Strategic Planning Committee

  • Make recommendations related to the University’s mission, vision, values, strategic directions, programs, and services.
  • Help the community identify critical strategic issues facing the organization. Assist in analysis of alternative strategic options.
  • Ensure the community has established an effective strategic planning process, including development of a three- to five-year strategic plan with measurable goals, time targets, and named areas or individuals responsible/accountable for the priority’s successful achievement.
  • Understand the higher education landscape, market/community, and USF core competencies. Keep up-to-date on higher education and local market trends, community needs, advances in technology, and other opportunities to improve the scope, cost effectiveness and quality of services provided by USF.
  • Review the strategic plan and recommend updates as needed based on changes in the market, community needs, and other factors
  • Forward the strategic plan to the Board of Trustees to ensure alignment with USF’s strategic directions and goals
  • Develop criteria for the leadership team to use in evaluating potential strategic investments.
  • Assist in development of a set of dashboards of key performance indicators.
  • Communicate the organization’s performance against measurable targets or progress points/milestones


2020 2021

Establish Parameters & Expectations

Ensure right mix of USF community representative participants in the planning process.

Set rules for process.

Identity additional committee members.


In-Community Conversation on the Plan

Hold community listening and discussion.

Report progress to Board of Trustees (BOT)
December 2020 meeting


Plan Review, Outcomes, and Execution

Document measurable targets with clear timelines to meet objectives

Map resource reallocation, investment, or revenue plans needed to meet outcomes

Assign goals for achievement

Map KPI measures of success and accountability

Present to Board of Trustees (BOT)
June 2021 meeting

Board of Trustees Approval and Community Adoption

Publish written document

Implement community roll-out

Guiding Values & Strategic Priorities

The committee has developed initial definitions for Guiding Values and Strategic Priorities which will be reviewed with USF community listening sessions for refinement.

Periodic Updates

View periodic updates of the committee's progress and strategic planning.  

Community Input

The committee is developing processes for engaging more community members in the planning process and gathering stakeholder input, beginning in November 2020 and continuing through spring 2021.

From November 9 to December 10, 2020, we are holding a series of listening sessions to gather USF community and stakeholder feedback on the five guiding values and seven strategic priorities that form the foundation for a new university strategic plan. Please sign up for a listening session or complete a survey online to provide your input on the guiding values and strategic priorities.

Once guiding values and strategic priorities have been finalized faculty, staff, students, and external stakeholders will be invited to engage in the development of a strategic plan containing strategies and action steps to support each of the strategic priorities.

Core Committee Members

Co-lead: Pamela Balls-Organista, Interim Vice Provost & Special Assistant to the Provost
Co-lead: Peter Wilch, Vice President for Development
Tyrone Cannon, Interim Provost
April Crabtree, Assistant Vice Provost, SEM
Eileen Fung, Interim Dean, CAS
Michael Harrington, Associate Vice Provost Planning & Budget, CIPE
Anneliese Mauch, Associate Vice President, OMC
Joan McDermott, Director, Athletics
Jeffrey Paller, Assistant Professor, CAS
Sonja Martin Poole, Associate Professor, SOM and USFFA President, ex-officio member
Richard Stackman, Professor and Associate Dean for Graduate Programs, SOM
Golden Venters, Director of Organization Effectiveness, Student Life

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