Strategic Priorities

“We are committed to developing a number of key strategic priorities to ensure USF’s continued capacity to deliver a high quality Jesuit Catholic education during challenging times.”— Rev. Paul J. Fitzgerald, S.J.

  1. Communicate USF’s distinctiveness among colleges and universities.
  2. Build and maintain an efficient, attractive and distributed campus environment that supports teaching and learning.
  3. Deliver an academically rigorous education that gives students the knowledge, skills, values, sensitivities and motivations to succeed in a chosen profession, field or career while contributing to a more humane and just world for all.
  4. Recruit and retain an outstanding, diverse faculty and staff committed to USF’s Jesuit Catholic tradition of educating students to their full potential by challenging them to wrestle with fundamental questions of purpose and meaning in a global context.
  5. Implement a campus-wide integrated enrollment plan that aligns University goals and aspirations with capacity—physical, human, and financial.
  6. Utilize technology to extend USF’s reach, enrich the learning environment, enhance student engagement and support institutional decision-making.
  7. Ensure fiscal stability so that USF can flourish and advance its mission in a dramatically complex and unpredictable global financial environment.

University of San Francisco Leadership Team, Fall 2010