San Francisco Art Institute Integration

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Charge of the SFAI/USF Academic Steering and Subcommittees 


Joint Steering Committee 

  • Oversee institutional considerations regarding potential academic  integration and coordinate subcommittee activities.

Accreditation Subcommittee

  • Evaluate proposed academic pathways from an accreditation perspective, document university-wide considerations associated with a potential integration, and prepare submission to WSCUC for a structural change approval.

CAS-SFAI Academic Subcommittees

  • Group A: Transition Year: Teach- Out & Articulation Pathways - Map student pathways to degree completion for current SFAI students. Consult with accreditation and enrollment groups. 
  • Group B: SFAI@USF Curriculum Co-Design - Co-design a reimagined and expanded suite of academic programs in the arts; identify overlaps and synergies; design curriculum for SFAI@USF.

Enrollment and Enrollment Communication Subcommittee

  • Communicate pathways for current students to complete degrees, consider issues such as financial aid, and conceptualize recruitment for reimagined programs. Generate enrollment, discount rate and net tuition projections as a basis for the budget development process. 

Faculty and Staff Integration Subcommittee

  • Define considerations for integrating full-time faculty (e.g faculty rank, tenure track, term) and explore possibilities and considerations associated with integrating staff, part-time faculty, and independent contractors. Articulate considerations related to the USFFA and PTFA CBAs/ Recommend onboarding and formation processes for SFAI employees.

Student Records and Data Integration

  • Create and implement a plan for student, faculty, staff, and academic program data to move from SFAI to USF in a secure and efficient manner. Plan must be in compliance with USF data governance policies and procedures. Data will include student academic records, financial aid data, employee records, and enrollment data.

Budget Subcommittee​​​​​​

  • Establish and generate associated Banner Finance operating budgets (revenue and expense) as well as Workday position budgets. Clarify chart of accounts and supervisory organization structures and reporting access.

Library and Digital Archives

  • Explore and make recommendations regarding integration of library and digital archives.

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