Distinguished Teaching Award Call for Nominations

Call for Nominations:

The University of San Francisco Faculty Association and the University Administration are now seeking nominations for this year's university-wide Distinguished Teaching Award.  Any member of the University community may forward names for nomination to committee chair Nicola McClung (School of Education) by email namcclung@usfca.edu. Nominations must be accepted by Monday, March 2 at 5:00 p.m.

Self-nominations are equally encouraged.  Applicants from previous years are also equally encouraged to reapply with fully updated applications. Applicants who are on sabbatical may choose to delay applying for the award until they return to active teaching at USF. All nominated faculty must be members of the USFFA.  The award carries a purse of $2500.00.

Nominations of colleagues should be made (and accepted) as soon as possible so that nominees have the maximum time to prepare their portfolio.  Deadline for the completed applications is Monday, March 2 at 5:00 p.m.

Award Criteria:

The award recipient must be a full-time USFFA member.  The committee's decision will be based on the quality of the materials submitted by the candidate, not the quantity. Given the nature of this award, materials should include achievements at USF (and not at other universities).  The following materials will be used in determining the award recipient:

A current copy of the applicant's curriculum vitae;

A personal statement (12-point font, three to five pages) that discusses the applicant's teaching philosophy and reveals evidence, if applicable, of professional and/or community service related to teaching;

A summary of student evaluations in table and/or chart format, accompanied by complete student evaluations for no more than the last five years;

A maximum of five letters or testimonials representing a range of present or former students, colleagues, and administrators attesting to the applicant's teaching abilities;

Samples of course outlines, exams, or other pertinent materials that illustrate creative aspects of the applicant's teaching from no more than four courses (courses should cover the scope of the applicant's teaching activities); and

A maximum of three examples of effective or innovative approaches to teaching (such as publications, activities, or presentations related to teaching improvement, originality, or excellence).

Submitted material should be organized according to the categories given above.  Please do not submit more than the requested materials.  This material will be available for Google Drive submission to each nominee that intends to be considered for this prestigious award.  Any questions can be directed to Nicola McClung (namcclung@usfca.edu), the current committee chair.