Current Squad Members

All current EMRS squad members are nationally certified EMTs with California certification and San Francisco City and County accreditation.

Squad & Community Members

Name Rank
Fariha Beig Squad member
Courtney Carter Squad member
Cesar Castillo Squad member
Alicia Hobbs Squad member
Amanda Luong Squad member
Brittany Luu Squad member
Michael Yuan Squad Leader
Ioanna Markolefas Squad member
Jessica Nguyen Squad member
Jessica Joyner Squad member
David Ceraolo Squad member
Sidney Berg Squad member
Lauren Donatelli Squad member
Jessica Greblunas Squad member
Alicia Kinsellagh Squad member
Natalia Whitney Squad Member
Milton Yared Carreno Squad Member
Elizabeth Ryall Squad Member
Samuel Froines Squad Member


Elected 2017-2018

Role Name
Squad Leader Courtney Carter
Squad Leader David Ceraolo
Squad Leader & Operations Support Assistant Michael Yuan
Disaster & Preparedness Officer Cesar Castillo


Role Name
Vice Provost of Student Life  Julie Orio 
Director of Campus Resilience Eric Giardini
Medical Director  Melody Glenn MD
Faculty Advisor  Octavia Struve RN, MSN, DNP 
Graduate Intern Dov Benmoshia


Name Rank
Bellina Chen Squad Member 2015
Erin Bratcher Squad Member 2015
Haley Schmidt Quality and Safety Assistant 2015
Lauren Bruno Logistical Support Officer 2015
Tyler Cole Disaster & Preparedness Officer 2015-16
Ann Mackey Vice President 2015-16
Nick Koo President 2015-16
William Glazier President 2014-15
William Gomez Vice President 2014-15
Erika Cole Administrative Officer 2014-15
Erika Cole Internal Operations Manager 2014-15
Renee Henderson Quality and Safety Officer 2014-15
Marvin Huang External Operations Manager 2014-15
Zoey Stafford  President 2012-13 
Julia Canafax  Administrative Officer 2012-13 
Paul Gonzales  President 2013-14 
Jessica Hogan  Squad member 2012-14 
Jonell Strain  Education Coordinator 2013-14 
Sean Flynn  Squad member 2014 
Rachel Barros  Squad member 2014 
Michael Stevenson Field Training Officer 2013
Taryn Achong Squad Member 2014-2016
Jonathan Weiss Squad Member 2014-2016
Sammy Young Community member/CPR
Thuy Tran Squad Member 2014-2016
Aaron Lou Squad Member 2014-2016
Victor Lam Squad Member 2014-2016