General Personal Safety

General Safety Tips

  1. Report harassing, obscene or frequent hang-up calls to Public Safety.
  2. Fire alarms are not an unusual occurrence on Campus, but you must evacuate a building upon the sounding of the alarm. Treat any alarm as an actual fire. If you are aware of the cause of the alarm, meet the responding Officers outside the building and relay the information to them.
  3. If you drive, don't drink. Drinking and Driving come with severe consequences. If you are a first time offender, with a clean record, and are convicted, besides jail time, count on spending at least $5,000.00, not to mention insurance surcharges.
  4. Use a crosswalk if there is one within three hundred feet of you. In 1995, 18.9% of all motor vehicle related fatalities were pedestrian versus a motor vehicle. 2,000 pedestrians were injured. The most frequent cause of these accidents is pedestrian error.
  5. Watch for suspicious behavior. Contact Public Safety immediately if you see or hear suspicious or strange vehicles or people, screams, shattering glass, loud unusual noises.
  6. Be aware and be alert of your surroundings and to activity around you. Know that fatigue, alcohol, drugs and distractions diminish your awareness.
  7. Walk with others at night or call the campus escort service (415) 422-4201. Walk in well lit, well traveled areas. Walk in the middle of the sidewalks away from the doorways, trees and shrubs. Walk erect, with confidence and purpose.
  8. Know your safety resources: emergency phones, open establishments, offices, the Department of Public Safety and other locations that can provide you with a safe haven.
  9. If being followed, reverse directions, cross the street, go to a safety resource and contact the Department of Public Safety or the local police department. If approached for directions, keep a safe distance from the stranger and never enter the vehicle.
  10. Carry a noise device and remember to use your voice to call attention to yourself or a situation.
  11. Do what you must do to survive; escape, negotiate, use force or submit. Each situation is different and only you can decide what action is best Trust your feelings and instincts.
  12. You can prevent criminal opportunity. Take responsibility for your own protection and that of your neighbors, and utilize the crime prevention services offered by the Department of Public Safety.