Harassing Telephone Calls

Harassing phone calls can be more than an annoyance. They can lead to serious problems. Here are some simple rules you may want to follow in handling harassing phone calls. Public Safety recommends keeping a Harassing Phone Call Log.

A telephone call can be just as personal as a face to face conversation. You are not obligated to answer any questions. Beware of strangers who call and ask personal questions for purposes such as a survey.

It is your phone service and time. If you do not want to talk simply say so. If the caller is rude enough not to let you go then hang up!

If the caller makes obscene or suggestive remarks, hang up! The caller would like nothing better than to have you demand to know who it is or ask repeatedly what the caller wants.

If the caller remains silent after you answer, hang up! Don't let the caller know if he or she has succeeded in upsetting you.

Be familiar with the Harassing Phone Call Log.

These crimes are difficult to investigate and prosecute. Your total cooperation is necessary for successful suppression and apprehension.

If you receive repeated calls on your personal phone line, change your phone number to an unlisted number.

The University of San Francisco, Department of Public Safety wants to assist the campus community in deterring harassing or threatening phone calls. You can use this log to help Public Safety Officers, the San Francisco Police Department, and Pacific Bell Telephone Company personnel to control this problem. When you receive harassing or annoying phone calls, contact The Department of Public Safety at (415) 422-4201.