Computer Labs


Please read the Computer Lab Use & Security Policy before using one of the labs.

Cowell Hall

Location: Cowell 214/216
Lab hours: Mon-Sun, 8 a.m.–8 p.m. (When not needed for classes)
Computers: 21 PCs in Cowell 214 and 58 PCs in Cowell 216
Scanners: None

Gleeson Library

Location: 2nd Floors
Lab hours: Same as library hours
Computers: 20 PCs
Gleeson Lab 220: 37 iMacs
Gleeson 2nd Floor: Adobe Reader, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Ofiice 2016
Printers: Two Multifunction printers; one in 1st floor Copy Room - GL 134, one in 2nd floor Periodicals
Scanners: Use Multifunction printers

Lone Mountain Rossi Wing

Location: LMR B1 (Map)
Lab hours: 24 hours daily, except as follows:
Mon - Friday, 5:30 p.m.–9 p.m.
And when reserved for a class
Computers: 40 PCs
Scanners: None

Malloy Hall

Location: Malloy 101/102 (School of Management 1st Floor)
Lab hours: Mon–Sun 8 a.m.–8 p.m. (24/7 for BPS faculty & staff)
Computers: 32 PCs
Printer: One Multifunction printer
Scanners: Use Multifunction printer

Parina Lounge Collaboration Lab

Location: University Center 3rd Floor
Lab hours: 24 hours daily
Computers: Eight PC workstations and four individual computer rooms each equipped with a Mac desktop and connectivity to a large display. There are also four open-air collaboration pods that offer monitors for laptops to connect to.
Printers: One Multifunction printer
Scanner: Use Multifunction printer

Res Hall Computer Pods

Locations: Hayes-Healy (Informal Lounge), Gillson (Next to Laundry Room), Fromm (Formal Lounge), Toler (Next to Laundry Room), Pedro Arrupe
Lab hours: 24 hours daily
Fromm: 8 PC Desktops
Hayes Healey: 4 pc desktops
LMN: 2 pc desktops
LM Pacific Wing: one pc desktop
Pedro Arrupe: 2 pc desktops
Toler: 4 pc desktops
Printers: One Multifunction printer in Hayes-Healy and Fromm computer pod; one Multifunction printer on 1st floor Toler.
Scanners: Use Multifunction printers

Online Virtual Lab Pilot

The Online Virtual Lab of USF is based upon Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) technology. To access the standard USF Windows Lab software, you no longer need to walk into a regular “physical” lab on campus. Instead, you can gain access to the full USF Windows Lab software suite through your own personal computer anywhere so long as you have three things; (1) a current Windows or Apple computer, (2) a high-speed internet connection, and (3) a valid USF computer account.

Note: The Virtual Lab will be available anytime except for Fridays between 8 p.m. and 2 a.m. for maintenance.

ITS Lab usage for USF Faculty

For faculty members requiring any special software as part of their class, Alan Ho has been added as the Client Lab Specialist. Please submit your request to Include the date that you will need to use the software.  

Software available per classroom lab:

  • CO 214: Adobe Reader, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Office 2016, SPSS v21
  • CO 216: Adobe Reader, Mozilla Firefox, Adobe CS (limited), Audacity, Faronics Insight, SPSS v21, Office 2016, Notepad++, Second Life, Skype
  • Gleeson 220: Adobe Reader, Mozilla Firefox, Adobe CC, Audacity, Faronics Insight, SPSS v21, Office 2016, Notepad++, Second Life, Skype, Firestorm, Tableau 10.1, Google Chrome, iBook
  • Gleeson 2nd Floor: Adobe Reader, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Office 2016
  • Parina Lounge UC 3rd Floor: Adobe Reader, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Office 2016
  • MH 102: Adobe Reader, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Office 2016, Second Life, Skype, SPSS v22
  • LMR B01: Adobe Reader, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Office 2016