Data Backup


USF provides a web-based file backup service for university-owned computers using Carbonite (formerly called MozyPro). Specified files are backed up over the Internet transparently while you work or when your computer is idle. You can restore single files, file folders, or specific versions of any one file in the event of computer damage or loss. Carbonite can even recover files up to 30 days after accidental deletion.

Carbonite is currently required for all university Windows laptops. University-owned desktop computers should use the file backup service whenever mission-critical data needs to be protected and preserved. Performing regular, automated backups is a critical part of protecting university data and providing continuity in the event of loss, damage or accidental deletion.

If you don't currently have Carbonite installed on your university-owned Windows computer, please contact the ITS Help Desk.

Update Your Carbonite Version (Manual Download)

If you'd like to download and update your MozyPro version manually (either Mac or PC), link to Mozy's website and download the current version here. Once downloaded, see applicable installation instructions below for support:

Backing Up Personal Computers

Students, faculty, and staff may take advantage of a discount for Carbonite to allow you to backup 50GB for as little as $6 per month. Click on the Carbonite link for more information. 

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For Additional Help

If you need additional help, contact the help desk at 415-422-6668 or