Hardware Standards

USF Hardware Standards, including Tablet Computers, are set by the Computing and Communication Subcommittee.

Requesting Computer Equipment


ITS provides complete support for university-owned computer equipment.

Support for personally owned computers is limited to basic troubleshooting, configuring the computer to access USF IT services (including passing Network Access Control for students in residence halls) and configuring Internet access from off-campus. If you need further help and your warranty has expired, you might want to contact a computer repair store.

Personal Purchases

For personal purchases, students, faculty, staff and alumni can get USF-negotiated discount prices on personal electronics, software, services, and more using the ITS eStore. Faculty and staff can additional discounts on a number of products and services using USF Perks.

Students may purchase Apple and Lenovo computers at a discounts by accessing links on our Student Personal Computer Purchases page.

Faculty and staff leaving the university may purchase their USF computer. For details, please see the Computer Retirement High-Level Process.

Retired Computer Donations

USF donates up to 150 retired desktop computers to charitable organizations each year. Other retired computers are sold to a reseller.