Lecture Capture


Educational Technology Services provides two solutions for recording classroom instruction and large events on campus.


Echo360 is a completely automated system that records all computer presentations as well as the AV from microphones and a video camera.  The finished product can be streamed to desktops and mobile devices, posted automatically to your Canvas course, and there are many convenient features for both students and faculty.

There are 24 classrooms equipped with Echo360 hardware: 

  • LCSI G12, 103, 209, 210, 303
  • Cowell 312
  • ED 010, 201
  • Harney G56
  • LM 244A, 351
  • Malloy Hall LL4
  • Gleeson Library 139, 213, 220
  • Downtown Campus 154, 155, 156, 450, 451, 452, 453, 527 & 529

You can click here to learn more about Echo360 classrooms and free recording software for your computer

To request Echo360 recordings in one of these rooms, please complete the online form.

For all other classrooms, performances, and other live events, student videographers can be requested to film the session.  When complete, your video will be posted to our Ensemble media streaming server that allows you to share it with your target audience.

To request a videographer, please complete the online form on EMS.

How can lecture capture be used in the classroom?

The purpose of the additional technology is to provide interested faculty with the ability to automatically record their classroom lectures. The Echo360 system is designed to automate the recording and delivery process of classroom video and audio recording. Within several hours after the recording, links to the lecture can be made available to students via emailed hyperlinks.

USF uses Echo360 (http://www.echo360.com) as its lecture capture system. With Echo360, instructors can automatically record their class lectures and presentations without any start or stop buttons.

To request Echo360 recordings in one of these rooms, please complete the online form.

Where do the captures go?

After the class session ends and the recording stops, the recording is uploaded and compressed for web streaming. When the processing is complete, an email is sent to the instructor with links to the recordings. All of this happens behind the scenes, without any additional work on the part of the instructor.

The finished recordings are viewable on both Mac and PC platforms.

How can lecture capture be used on a laptop?

Instructors can also request to use ECHO Personal Capture, which records presentations through software on the presenter's computer rather than through classroom technology. This allows an instructor to create presentations anywhere and at any time, and publish them as web links. The system automatically records what is shown on the screen, and requires a built-in microphone or headset for the audio recording and a webcam if the instructor would like to include a video (optional). This service is now available as a site license for all faculty, staff and students.  Please contact itt@usfca.edu for further information.

What are the benefits of using lecture capture?

  • Lecture capture can contribute to improved comprehension. Particularly for classes that cover a large amount of difficult or technical material, the ability for students to return to a recording of a particular class and review exactly what was said can be invaluable.
  • Use of lecture capture can increase student participation. If students know they can review the material after class, they will be less focused on taking notes and more engaged in the course.
  • Students can easily record presentations in class and make them available for their classmates to critique and review.
  • Recordings of guest speakers and presenters can be made and used for subsequent courses.


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