Media Conversion


Media Services transfers media from older formats to newer, more usable formats. For example, VHS tapes can be transferred to DVD, and DVD or CD can be transcoded to digital formats like streaming video or mp3.

These services are by arrangement only. Please contact our office at 422-2003 to discuss your project and to arrange for delivery, estimated completion date, and pick-up or delivery of the project. The ITS Help Desk can also assist you with this. Please note that we recommend personal delivery of all media.


Media transfers and duplication require that the owner use the media under fair use guidelines, own the copyright to the work, and/or has obtained permission of the participants of the material.

  • VHS-to-DVD for classroom use
  • DVD-to-media files for online video
  • Transcode video files to a different format or hard disk

Educational Use Copyright Guidelines

Please review the USF Copyright Guide

Example 1 -  DVD to Streaming Video: A classroom lecture was recorded and a DVD was made. Now the professor would like to upload this old lecture to YouTube or Blackboard. We can take this media off of a DVD and format it for upload to the web.

Example 2 – Documentary on VHS to DVD: A professor owns or borrows a documentary from the library and cannot show it in a classroom that does not have a VHS player. We can transfer this VHS media to DVD for classroom use.

DVD Duplication

The copying of DVDs requires that the requester owns the rights to the material being copied. For example, classroom recordings, dance performances, lectures, etc., can all be duplicated most of the time. The recording must be done with the permission of the participants. We ask that the client provide blank DVD-R media if more than 2 copies are being requested.

Office Hours

The Media Services office in the LM Garden Room is open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. (See map for exact location) Staff are often recording classes and delivering equipment, so if you need to visit us, you may wish to call ahead (x2003) to ensure that we are able to receive you.