Network Wifi Access for Visitors


When you attempt to connect to the USF-Visitors network you will be prompted to either register for a USF visitor account or log in using the username and password that you have already received.

To register for a visitor account you need to specify a destination to which the new username and password can be sent. This destination can be either an email address or the phone number of a device capable of receiving SMS text messages.

Visitor accounts are valid for 7 days. Should your visit to the university extend beyond 7 days, please register for a new visitor account.

While wireless connectivity is available in most USF buildings, some facilities may have better coverage than others and some areas within buildings may lack coverage altogether. Wireless connectivity generally does not extend to outdoor spaces.

Note: All connections to the USF-Wireless network are logged and monitored. Note also that the USF-Visitors network does not employ wireless encryption.