Network Remote Access (using VPN)


In order to access internal university systems or data from locations that are off-campus, you will need to establish a virtual private network—or VPN—from your computer over a public Internet connection. By design, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) encrypts and secures data transmissions between your computer and the university network. VPNs can be used from an off-campus location over the public Internet or on-campus via the USF Wireless network.

To use VPN, your computer must have the GlobalProtect VPN (client) software installed. Where all university-owned computers should already have a VPN client installed, if you intend to use a personal computer it must first meet the network security standards defined in the University Network Security High-Level Process.

NOTE: While the data communication path between your computer and the university network is secured by the VPN, be aware that other security measures such as strong passwords, regular operating system security updates, and up-to-date antivirus protection are still required to provide comprehensive system security.

  • To install the VPN client software, please go to our VPN Install page and log in with your myUSF username and password.
  • For complete download, install, and operation instructions, please click here.
  • Should you encounter an issue or need assistance, please contact the ITS Help Desk for the Downtown Campus during service hours (M-F 8:00a to 5:00p) at 415-422-7009 or During off hours, please contact the Main Campus Help Desk at 415-422- 6668.